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Get Prepped! Don’t Cheat!

Keeping an ear out for cheaters


Check out the comments for this article.

This Toronto copper probably won’t be making the sergeant’s list this year.

And after the stunt he is alleged to have attempted to pull Sunday, he may never.

But he sure gave it his best shot.

Did you hear the one about the 13 Division constable who tried to cheat on his promotional test with the help from someone relaying answers from outside?

“He was wired in the exam room and his girlfriend was in the parking lot with an electronic device giving the ill-prepared writer of the exam the right answers,” said a police source.

It’s out of James Bond. Or, perhaps Maxwell Smart is more accurate.

Just like in the movies, sources said, the copper was wearing an earpiece and was in touch with a woman who is a police officer in 32 Division. She was in her car on her lap top computer and verbally transmitting information from a study packet. Continue reading