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Police under fire as fresh statistics show charges dropped in 59% of G20 cases

June 21, 2011

Peter Small–police-under-fire-as-fresh-statistics-show-charges-dropped-in-59-of-g20-cases?bn=1

{{GA_Article.Images.Alttext$}}Darius Mirshahi (green and black T-Shirt) and Chris Bowen, known by their performance names of Testament and Illogik, respectively, were arrested on June 27, 2010, by police on several charges, including conspiracy and wearing a disguise. Their charges were stayed in November 2010.

Peter Small/Toronto Star

Farrah McBride went to the G20 protests in downtown Toronto, upset by news of vandals smashing windows.

But the assistant manager at a restaurant supply store was transformed from spectator to prisoner when police arrested virtually everyone in front of the Hotel Novotel on The Esplanade on the night of Saturday, June 26, 2010.

She says she was held, handcuffed, at the temporary Eastern Ave. detention centre without adequate water, food or her correct anti-anxiety medicine. Continue reading

Toronto cops G20 ‘whipping boys’


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First posted: Sunday, June 19, 2011 8:50:00 EDT PM cop Police at last year’s G20.

A year after the G20, public trust in the city’s police is at an all-time low — and so is the morale of many officers.

The situation has worsened with each new allegation of police brutality and little has been done to restore the faith in those sworn to serve and protect Toronto. Continue reading