Peel Police – Analytical Reasoning

Peel Police  – Analytical Reasoning

If you need help for the Peel Police Analytical Reasoning

Posted on December 13, 2008 by policeexamprep

then you have come to the right place!

Analytical Reasoning Prep

This blog is no way affiliated with the Peel Regional Police Force of Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

We are a private group that offers tutoring for the Analytical Reasoning section of the Peel Regional Police exam.

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Although Peel Police do not release much information about the test, you might find their 2006 Peel Police Study Guide located at:$prp/pdf-files/StudyGuide2006.pdf

to be of help. Although you should read the complete booklet, you should pay particular attention to pages 8 – 13 (booklet page numbers) which are pages 11 – 15 (pdf file page numbers).

Format and number of questions for the Analytical Reasoning Section of the test:

Reports indicate that candidates are given 40 minutes to try 18 questions.

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